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Zoom Whitening: “What’s the latest in teeth whitening?”

Teeth whitening is a booming business. This has led to the development of a variety of methods to achieve optimal results. The demands of today’s dental patient include not only having healthy teeth and gums, but also having that great set of pearly whites! Your smile is often the first impression that you have on someone so why not make it a good one?

At LIV, we offer the latest in teeth whitening with the Zoom! system. Zoom! is an in-office whitening system in which the soft tissue (lips, gums, etc.) are protected and retracted while a powerful, light-activated bleaching gel is applied to the teeth.

Womans smile

Two, 15-minute sessions under our activation light can change the shade of your teeth from dingy and yellow to sparkling white. Many patients will choose to maintain their new, whiter smile with take-home bleaching trays. A small amount of bleach about once a week for 15-30 minutes in the trays can keep your smile looking its best.
As for results? Most patients can expect to see an improvement of 2-4 shades from one session with the Zoom! system.


Many patients have asked about the “sensitivity” that is reported from bleaching systems. While sensitive teeth are expected after using any bleaching system, the amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient. The majority of patients report that the teeth feel “slightly more sensitive to temperature” over the 48-hour period following the whitening session. Most all cases can be treated with Ibuprofen or any other OTC pain reliever. Many patients report that the discomfort is hardly noticeable.

At LIV, we are proud to offer this service at no charge to all our new patients as well as to our recurring patients once a year. Upon completion of your new patient exam, xrays, and cleaning, you will qualify for a session of our Zoom! whitening. All patients have different needs when it comes to frequencies of cleanings and your doctor will discuss your individual needs with you. Whatever your needs may be, if you keep up with your cleaning regimen, you will re-qualify for the Zoom! whitening annually. So that means, keep ‘em clean and we’ll keep ‘em white!

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