Commonly referred to as “white-colored” fillings, composite restorations offer a more esthetic result when treating cavities and fractured teeth. Over the years, the composite resin that comprises these materials has become more and more densely filled. This has lead to a drastic increase in their strength while maintaining their inconspicuous appearance. The photos below show a tooth with an old silver filling (left) and its replacement with a new composite restoration (right).


In these photos, a fracture was repaired using a composite restoration.


In addition to repair, composites can also be used to improve the appearance of the teeth.


Just like any other body part, our teeth get older too. In addition to normal wear and tear, teeth may have large fillings that cause them to crack over time. Bruxism, or “teeth grinding”, is also a big problem that can lead to fractures of teeth. Trauma from sports or an accident can also be a factor in a tooth breakdown. In these cases, teeth may need to have a crown (sometimes referred to as a “cap”) placed over them to protect the underlying tooth structure and provide longevity to the tooth. The pictures below show teeth with large, silver fillings that are beginning to crack (left) being replaced with porcelain crowns to provide strength and protection (right).


Sometimes, teeth cannot be saved and must be removed to prevent further problems to the underlying bone. If teeth have been lost, then a bridge is often indicated to replace those teeth and restore function and esthetics.


An excellent choice for replacing a tooth is a dental implant. Dental implant materials are constantly improving which has led to an increase in their success and appearance. Schedule a consultation with our doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for a dental implant.


Many dental problems can now be fixed to look almost undetectable to the naked eye due to an increase in the appearance and strength of restorative materials over the last few decades. From a variety of shades and brightness, your dentist is able to closely match the restoration to the remainder of your tooth structure. In addition, many crowns can now be done using “all porcelain” which gives the patient a superior life-like result.


Whether you are experiencing dental problems due to neglect, a poor diet, or an accident, you still have options to restore your smile to its best. Many patients get frustrated or overwhelmed when they are facing a multitude of dental issues. They often react by deciding on dentures before they know all their options.

Schedule a consultation and KNOW your options before making that decision. Like many things in life, you won’t know how much you miss your teeth until they’re gone!

Full arch replacement available with cosmetic options available. Denture repair is available as well.
When multiple teeth have been lost in a single arch, a partial denture is often a good alternative to replace those teeth and restore function. In addition to the traditional style of partial denture from the past, LIV also offers the new Valplast flexible partial denture. When indicated, Valplast can provide much more comfort to the patient without using any “hooks” or “wires”. Schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for Valplast.